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We work with quality brands to ensure our products are made with the best parts around.



A world leader in spray accessories. We use ARAG lids, filters, hoppers, and more on our sprayers.
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Bertolini Pumps

Founded in 1918, Bertolini Pumps has over 100 years of experience in developing spray pumps.
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Produced in Italy, Braglia manufactures a great range of spray guns including the TURBO 400.
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Specialists in the manufacture of Profilmatic® Trimmers, Pre-Pruners, and Defoliators.
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We supply the Hexagon Agriculture Ti Series GPS Guidance designed to improve spraying application.
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We use Honda engines for our engine-powered sprayers due to their reliable power and performance.
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SHURflo Pumps

Founded in 1968, Shurflo remains responsive to customer needs with its vast range of pumps.
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Smart Apply

Smart Apply delivers precision spraying, data capture & analytics to growers & vineyard managers.
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TeeJet has been an innovator in agricultural application technology for more than 70 years.
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UNIBOOM Australian Made Sprayers is now part of BA Pumps & Sprayers.
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