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Collard Pre-Pruners

Reduce manual pruning times by up to 80% with the Collard Pre-Pruner.

Two 16
Hydraulic Motors
80 or 110
Blade Spacings.
Collard Pre-Pruner pruning in a vineyard
Built to Perform

Vineyard Pre-Pruners can reduce employee fatigue and injury by eliminating the need for manual pruning and pulling of canes on the top 1, 2, or 3 wires.

The Collard Pre-Pruner is designed to work at height so we can work with you to define the vertical height required to your needs.

Built with safety in mind Collard Pre-Pruners are equipped with a spring-loaded system in case of impact with a post, ensuring the machine and your vines are protected.

Standard Features

  • Equipped with a robust frame with two 16cc hydraulic motors.
  • Three hydraulic functions, up/down, in/out and cross slope.
  • Complete electric controls distributor. with joystick.
  • Modular cutting height up to 825mm. 80 or 110mm blade spacings.
  • Blade and notched discs for efficient clean cuts and trellis post protection.
  • Manual folding system (AVR model) by articulation in front of the tractor, for safe road transport.
  • Three operating modes to open and close the head of the Pre-Pruner.
Collard Pre Pruner and Tractor in a vineyard
What our customers say
“When I first saw the Collard Pre-Pruner, I said that looks strong, and it is. I have had it for one season and its robustness has really shown through. The ergonomically designed joystick allows me to control the pruner with any hand meaning I don’t have any RSI symptoms from pushing a button.”
Paul Brown, Paul Brown Contracting
COLLARD Pre-Pruner
Products available at the BA Tech Day
BA Technology Day

We are excited to host the very first BA Technology Day. A one-off event that is designed to showcase some of the best precision tech in New Zealand’s viticulture industry.

We will have, live in the vine, the BA Smart Sprayer with its innovative density spray technology from Smart Apply, the OXIN autonomous multi-functional vineyard tractor, and COLLARD vine trimmers and defoliators.

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