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Collard Defoliator heading into the vine

Removing leaf and flower caps is good for fruit health. Using a defoliator rather than hand picking saves time and money, whilst leaving your fruit in tip-top condition.

Defoliating Swath
Air System
From Collard
E1100F A3 Apple Tree Defoliator
E2200F Front Mounted, 2 Heads, In Row
E2200-3P Rear Mounted, 2 Heads, In Row
E2200F MAX Defoliator
E3200F Front Mounted, 4 Heads, 2 Row
E3200-3P Rear Mounted, 4 Heads, 2 Row
From Flowering to Harvest

Leaf and flower cap removal can be achieved by using a Collard Ellipse Defoliator. It’s multi rotors, which feature the Collard patented double-flow where low-pressure air, produced by a booster, is blown through the leaves at fruit zone level by rotating nozzles. The rotating nozzles create a pulsed air that removes the leaves from both the outside and inside of the canopy row, achieving selective leaf removal around the grapes.

Only this technology makes it possible to remove leaves from the falling of flower heads to harvest.

The key advantages of the Collard Pulsed Air System are:

  • Better aeration of the fruit zone.
  • Lower levels of acid rot and botrytis attack.
  • Better penetration of spray treatments.
  • Leaf removal beforehand harvesting offers potential time savings of up to 30%!

Check out our models below as we have defoliators for grapes and apples.


Collard Defoliator in a vineyard

Model Quick Comparison

Collard Apple Tree Defoliator
E1100F A3 Apple Tree Defoliator
  • For apple trees
  • Removes leaves from both the outside and interiors of the row, achieving selective leaf removal around the fruits
  • Compact design facilitates easy row entry
  • A multitude of possible combinations to adjust to your working height
  • Reinforced adjustable frame in width, height, and tilt by hydraulic cylinders to suit your requirements.
E2200F MAX Defoliator
E2200F MAX Defoliator
  • For vineyards
  • Front mount heads and rear air system
  • Configuration 2 heads – in row
  • Weight Front* 342 kg
  • Weight Rear* 412 kg
  • Horsepower requirement (PTO) 39 HP
  • Electronic joystick.
E2200F Front Mounted, 2 Heads, In Row

Defoliates two half rows. Independent lift of heads and synchronised row width. Easy operation and viewing of heads in canopy.

E2200-3P Rear Mounted, 2 Heads, In Row

Defoliates two half rows. Simple operation of vertical lift/lower and synchronised row width adjustment with the electronic joystick control.

E3200F Front Mounted, 4 Heads, 2 Row
  • 2 ½ rows, at the rear on an inter-row tractor
  • Air compressor on rear of 3-point linkage, 540RPM PTO
  • 2 defoliating heads 180° double slots with 2 different diameters, Collard patent
  • Adjustable defoliating height by rotation of the defoliating heads +/- 90°
  • Electric controls distributor (1SE + 4 DE) with joystick
  • Hydraulic adjustments: 4 cylinders
  • Electric oil flow regulator
  • Silencer equipped with filter
  • 3-way pneumatic valve selector
  • Reinforced frame to obtain a distance of 1.80-3.30m between the 2 defoliating heads
  • With RPM displayed on the joystick screen.
E3200-3P Rear Mounted, 4 Heads, 2 Row
  • Category 2 rear 3-point linkage
  • Specific frame with four wheels, adjustable width 1100-1400mm
  • Complete rear group NX8 booster, requires 65HP, PTO 540 RPM
  • 4 ELLIPSE defoliating heads
  • Four dropper arms fitted with breakaway system
  • Adjustable heads for a leaf removal swath from 300 to 640mm
  • Equipped with a system for selecting the air nozzle* according to the desired removal intensity
  • Control of the speed rotation of the nozzles
  • Manual inclination of the 4 defoliating heads
  • Electric controls distributor (1SE + 5 DE) with GEN 3 joystick
  • Electric oil flow regulator to adjust the nozzle’s rotation speed
  • Silencer equipped with filter.
Upgrades & Accessories
GEN3 Joystick
GEN3 Joystick
GEN3 Joystick
GEN3 Joystick
Ergonomic design More functionality Emergency stop button
Collard range
What our customers say
“In an industry where we have seasonal staff, with varying skill levels it’s crucial equipment is simple and safe to operate. With our Collard equipment any new operator can quickly pick up how the equipment works no matter their skill level, because it’s so easy."
David Sheard, Yealands
Collard Defoliator
“The Collard defoliators are great for our Sauvignon Blanc grapes because we can start early and run late in the season without damaging the grape. I like them so much that I’ve ordered another one.”
David Sheard, Yealands
Collard Defoliators
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