Research helps environmental consultant find sprayer that is the best around

17 October 2023
Deckmount sprayer on a n ATV looking over the hills of the waikato
Environmental consultant, Mike Bergin, carried out extensive research on sprayers before he chose a DM300 Deckmount Sprayer from BA.

Mike helps landowners, environmental trusts, iwi, private organisations, and local and central government agencies to establish and manage indigenous forests across New Zealand. Mike said: “My primary role is as an advisor but I also get my hands dirty from time to time with planting, weed control, and all the other enjoyable outdoor activities associated with forest restoration.”

After spending several years carrying out small spray contracting jobs using knapsacks for spot spraying and releasing trees, it was time to step up to a ‘gun and hose’ high-pressure system to tackle bigger jobs and bigger weeds. Mike said: “I did a fair amount of research through the usual sources; product reviews, Fieldays, YouTube, and talking to people, mainly contractors and farmers.”  

In 2018, after his extensive research, Mike bought a deck mount sprayer, the BA DM300, and said: “I really like the robust build of the equipment, the use of high-quality parts, and the Honda engine to drive it. The range of accessories that I could upgrade and add to the unit was great too.”

The DM300 sprayer is used for larger weed control operations on his own block as well as for various jobs on farms around the BOP and Waikato. Mike runs the unit on the back of his side-by-side or occasionally off the small stock/bike trailer.

Recently Mike won an EZI-Spot 50L Quad-Pro ATV Sprayer in a photo competition run by BA Pumps and Sprayers.  When asked what he’ll use his new sprayer for Mike said:  “My new sprayer will be the perfect accompaniment to the larger DM300. I can see the EZI-Spot sprayer being positioned on the Polaris for most of the time due to its smaller size and ease of use. It’ll allow me to quickly spray the annoying thistles or gorse bush that I come across in the corners of paddocks or along the lanes. It’ll be especially useful when I don’t have time to set up the big sprayer or have no desire to mix 100+lt of chemical.”

If you’re in the market for a new sprayer Mike’s advice is:  “If you’re after a sprayer that is well built, will do the job you want it to, and will last – then go to BA Pumps and Sprayers. You won’t regret it!”