Trusted BA Equipment Delivers Durability and Precision in West Gippsland

11 December 2023
Will's Weeds Deck Mount Sprayer
In the heart of Tanjil South, nestled in the picturesque West Gippsland region of Victoria, Will's Spraying and Pasture Services has been a trusted name for five years.

With a broad customer base that includes farms, hobby farms, equine facilities, and industrial blocks, Will’s Spraying requires equipment that can handle all spraying applications.   

Owner of Will’s Spraying and Pasture Services, Will Hasthorpe, said: “When investing in equipment for the business it needs to be tough and built to last. I have a range of BA sprayers including 300 litre deck mount sprayers with a Honda petrol-powered pump and 100m QuickSpray hose reel, a 12v sprayer with 50m QuickSpray hose reel and 6m boom, various 50 and 200L spot spraying tanks, and a 30L Eco Sprayer.”      

The robust BA equipment at Will’s Spraying and Pasture Services is used for a range of herbicide spraying applications including spot and hand spraying, and small to medium acreage boom spraying tasks. 

Will continued: “The BA equipment is well designed and fit for purpose, especially for a contractor like me who uses it every day. The galvanised frames were a deal breaker when it came to buying my sprayers and I really like the practicality of their equipment, so I’m pleased my dealer Gendore Tractors and Machinery recommended the brand to me.”  

Gendore Tractors and Machinery are an authorised BA dealer and work with local businesses like Will’s Spraying and Pasture Services, to recommend equipment that’s suitable for your requirements.  

Will concluded: “The practicality of BA equipment has stood out, proving essential for the daily demands of a contracting business. With the quality and practical design of the BA equipment combined with the advice and support from Gendore Tractors and Machinery, it allows me to provide a quality service to all of my customers.”  

Will's Weeds small deck mount sprayer in the West Gippsland Hills